Open Monday to Saturday. Closed Sunday  and all statutory holidays.

Bakery: 8:00 to 4:00
Diner: 8:00 to 3:30 (limited seating and special menu)

We will be taking all the appropriate precautions to keep everyone safe.

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Breakfast Pastries

Rushing to work past our bakery, stop in and grab a danish, muffin or croissant. Buy a selection for your office mates and you’ll win big points. We bake five types of danishes, four types of muffins, and five types of croissants, including filled croissants.


Cranberry Custard
Ginger (special order)
Raspberry Lemon 
Cranberry Raisin Bun


Price: $2.10 each

Buy 6 or more and receive 10% off


Carrot Spice
Raisin Bran

Price: $2.10 each

Buy 6 or more and receive 10% off



Plain Croissant
Chocolate Filled
Almond Filled
Spinach and Feta Filled
Ham and Cheese Filled

Price: $2.10 each  $22.55/dozen

Filled Croissants
Price: $3.90 each  $42.15/dozen

Buy 6 or more and receive 10% off

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