We bake traditional Dutch cookies as well as family favourites such as chocolate chip and shortbread. If you are looking for a small gift or easy office treat, pick up an assortment from our very large selection of cookies. 

Our butter and shortbread cookies are all made with real butter.

Butter Cookies

Cherry Shortbread
Dutch Shortbread
Fruit & Nut
Ginger Cookie
John Hail
Maple Cookie
Raisin Cookie
Sugar Cookie
Cheese Swirl (savoury)

Price: $0.75 each

Buy 6 or more and receive 10% off

Tea Fancies

Our tea fancies, with the exception of the the Almond Stick, Halfway, Chocolate Chip, Speculaas and Chocolate Dipped Shortbread cookies, are gluten-wise. They do not contain wheat flour but are made in our kitchen where flour is used.  

Almond Stick
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Dipped Star Shortbread
Cream Hazelnut
Deer Leg
Filled Meringue
Nougat Snaps
Speculaas Cookie

Price: $1.05 each

Buy 6 or more and receive 10% off