We are closed from 1 to 5 January 2021

Any orders placed between 31 Dec and 5 January will be available on 6 January. 


We serve breakfast and lunch, all day with a huge variety of pastries, cookies, cakes and more. 

Perhaps you’re in the mood for afternoon tea. We have a coffee and dessert special from 2:00 to 5:00PM each day for $5.50. Or for a special occasion, make a reservation for high tea which includes a sandwich, cookies and pastries. 

Enjoy many savoury Dutch specialties including our original croquettes.

For lunch, try our delicious burgers, all in our old fashioned, delightful atmosphere.

Our daily special can be found on our Facebook page

Due to COVID-19, we are currently offering a limited menu.


Breakfast is served all day. 

All full breakfasts come with hash browns and toast. Substitute fruit or tomatoes for hash browns add $1.00

Mini Breakfast $6.35 – 1 slice of ham, 2 slices of bacon or sausages; 1 egg any style and 1 slice of toast

Full Breakfast $10.90 – 2 slices of ham, 3 slices of bacon or sausages; 2 eggs any style and 2 slices of toast

Two eggs any style and toast $8.30 – 2 eggs any style and 2 slices of toast

Uitsmyter $10.90 – Dutch style ham and eggs (2 slices of toast with ham and 2 eggs served open faced)

Breakfast Bakery

Toasted Tea Bun $1.80

Danish Pastries $2.10
Your choice of cinnamon, almond, ginger, cranberry custard or candied fruit

Muffins $2.10
Your choice of raisin bran, carrot, banana whole wheat and blueberry

Toast $3.20
White, whole wheat, multigrain, sour dough, or house made raisin bread


1 egg $4.90
2 egg $8.30

Meat $0.75 each – Country ham, Black Forest Ham and bacon

Cheese $0.50 each – Cheddar, Swiss

Veggies $0.50 each – onions, celery, peppers, tomato

Breakfast Sandwiches

Jack $8.30 Fried ham or bacon and egg with melted processed cheese served on a toasted bun.

Breakfast Sandwich $8.85 Fried ham or bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato served on a croissant

Breakfast Wrap $10.30 Two scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon, cheddar cheese, hash browns and mayonaise

Belgium Waffles

One waffle served with table syrup $8.00

One waffle served with fresh whip cream $8.80

One waffle served with fresh whip cream and fruit $9.90

Breakfast Sides

Bacon, sausage or ham $4.50

Hash browns $4.50

Fruit cup $4.50

All lunch entrees are served with your choice of side garden salad, potato salad, yam fries, french fries or a bowl of soup.

Full order of croquettes $13.75 – 2 beef croquettes served with 2 slices of toast and your choice of a side

Half order of croquettes $7.50 – 1 beef croquette served with 1 slice of toast and your choice of a half-size side

Hot Sausage Roll $7.60 – Made with our own blend of beef sausage with your choice of side

Hot Meat Pie $8.30 – Beef or turkey with your choice of side

Tuna Melt $10.65 – Tuna and melted cheese open faced on 1 slice of toast and your choice of side

Chicken Strips $8.95 – 3 chicken strips served with your choice of side

Homemade Vegetable Meatball Soup         Cup $3.80              Bowl $4.95

Potato Salad      1 scoop $3.05  2 scoops $4.95

Fresh Garden Salad $4.95

Cottage Cheese $9.50 – Two scoops of cottage cheese and 1 slice of ham, tomatoes, cucumber, and carrots on a bed of lettuce

Fruit Salad and Toast         Full Order $11.50   Half Order $7.10 – A refreshing combination of pineapple, pear, peach, kiwi, orange and other seasonal fruits. Served with cottage cheese, whip cream or ice cream

Chef’s Salad $10.95 – Two slices of ham, egg, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and peppers served on a bed of lettuce. 

Crispy Chicken Salad $12.50 – Crispy chicken breast, 1 slice of cheddar cheese, 1 slice of Swiss cheese, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers served on a bed of lettuce

Club Wrap $10.40 – Lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese and fresh oven-roasted turkey

Veggie Wrap $8.75 – Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, peppers and cheese

Chicken Salad Wrap $9.50 – Crispy chicken with lettuce, bacon, and parmesan cheese. Your choice of Caesar or ranch dressing

Black Forest Ham Wrap $8.75 – Served with lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese and Black Forest ham

All burgers are handmade with 1/3lb of lean ground beef, our own special blend of seasonings and are served with lettuce, tomato, diced cooked onion, mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup on a toasted bun. 

Hamburger $8.40

Bacon Burger $8.90

Cheese Burger $8.90

Bacon Cheese Burger $9.40 – Your choice of cheddar, Swiss or processed cheese

Cackle Burger $9.40 – A regular burger with a fried egg

Veggie Burger $8.40 – Served with the above condiments

Croquette Burger $5.30 – 1 croquette with lettuce and mayonnaise

Chicken Burger $9.50 – a deep fried chicken breast served with Swiss cheese, raw onions, lettuce and tomato

Hot Sandwiches

All hot sandwiches are served on your choice of a croissant, white bread, whole wheat bread, sour dough or multi-grain, or marbled rye. Gluten-free bread is $1.00 extra. 

Bacon and Tomato $7.95

Grilled Cheese $6.20 – Add bacon or ham for $2.25 extra.

Reuben Sandwich $9.75 – Pastrami, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese on toasted marble rye bread

Dutchies Clubhouse $10.80 – Bacon, fresh oven-roasted turkey breast, cheese lettuce and tomato on 3 slices of toasted bread

Tuna Melt $6.35 – Tuna and melted cheese on 1 slice of toast

 Cold Sandwiches

Flying Dutchman $8.75 – Black Forest ham and thinly slice liver with your choice of regular or hot mustard served on a fresh bun

Devilled Egg Sandwich $6.60

Tuna Sandwich $7.95

Veggie Sandwich $7.95 – Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and peppers

Pastrami and Tomato Sandwich $8.75 

Turkey, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich $8.75

Black Forest Ham Sandwich $8.75 – served with lettuce, tomato and Swiss cheese

Side Orders $4.35

Yam Fries

French Fries

Bowl of Soup

Garden Salad

Potato Salad


Mocha Point $4.95 – 3 layers of white cake filled with mocha buttercream and custard

Black Forest Cake $4.95 – 3 layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and cherries

Sacher Torte $4.95 – 3 layers of chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, and apricot jam in chocolate fondant

Petite Four Cake $3.00 – your choice of white, chocolate or mocha

Lemon Cream Pie $3.45 – homemade lemon custard filling topped with fresh whip cream

Fruit Pie $3.45 – apple, raspberry-peach, or special in-season pies. Served with cheddar cheese, whip cream or ice cream $3.65

Chocolate Sundae $5.95 – 2 large scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with Dutch chocolate sauce and whip cream

Ice Cream $4.00 – Chocolate or vanilla. Topped with chocolate sauce $4.50

Pastries from the Bakery 

$3.45 each

Almond Bread – flaky pastry with almond paste and sugar

Apple Slice – our Dutch version of apple strudel

Cherry Tart – almond-based tart with cherry filling and vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Cake Slice – chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and chocolate hail

Chocolate Eclair – made with fresh whipping cream and chocolate fondant

Chocolate Raspberry Tart – almond-based tart with custard and raspberry cream, chocolate cream and chocolate hail

Deer Leg – 2 pieces of meringue filled with chocolate buttercream and dipped in chocolate

Dollar Roll – sponge cake and buttercream wrapped in marzipan

Florentine Tart – almonds and raisins with a caramel base in a shortbread tart shell

Flying Saucer – shortbread cookie base filled with almond paste

Fruit Custard Tart – shortbread tart with white chocolate, custard and fruit

Ginger Tart – almond-based tart with diced, candied ginger

Hazelnut Tart – shortbread tart with mocha buttercream and hazelnuts dipped in chocolate

Kirsh Tart – Shortbread tart with sponge cake, Kirsh liqueur and buttercream

Lemon Custard Tart – shortbread tart shell with lemon custard and whip cream

Mocha Cake Slice – white cake with custard filling, mocha buttercream and shaved almonds. 

Mocha Tart – almond tart with mocha buttercream and mocha fondant. 

Mocha Log – shortbread base, white cake and mocha buttercream

Parliament – shortbread base, mocha, nougat, marzipan dipped in chocolate

Porcupine – Meringue base with a whipped custard and buttercream filling dipped in chocolate

Vanilla Slice – two layers of flaky puff pastry filled with our homemade custard and topped with vanilla fondant and buttercream

Coffee $3.00

Tea $3.00

Herbal Tea $3.00

Cappuccino $4.50

Café Latte $4.50

Hot Chocolate $3.00  with whip cream $3.25

Bottomless Iced Tea $3.00

Lemonade $2.90

Milk  Small  $2.50  Large $3.15

Chocolate Milk  $2.60  Large $3.40

Pop by the can $2.40 – Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, root beer, or ginger ale

Juice  Small $2.60  Large $3.40

Soda Fountain

Ice Cream Float $5.45

Milk Shake $5.45 – Choice of mocha, pineapple, strawberry, chocolate or vanilla


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