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Dutch Bakery History
 Jack, Michele and Brook became the new owners of the Dutch bakery

In July of 2013 it became official, Jack, Michele and Brook became the new owners of the Dutch bakery. We look forward to serving Victoria for another generation continuing the high standards and quality that we are known for.

Half a century, three generations of the Schaddelee Family

Coming from the Netherlands in 1955 with 4 sons, Kees Schaddelee Sr. his wife Mable and two oldest sons Arie T. and Jack began the delectable dynasty when they rented a coffee shop on Fort St.

Younger sons Kees Jr. and Maarten joined the bakery soon after schooling. As all four sons married, their wives Anke, Donna, Bonita and Nadine came in and joined the bakery as well.

Kees and Mable’s 8 grandchildren also worked and helped throughout their growing up and school years.

A baker for more than 60 years Mr. Schaddelee retired at age 72 but could still be seen sipping coffee and savoring Croquettes up until his 97th year. Kees Passed away in February 2007.

With a very loyal staff, some who have been with the establishment for close to 30 years, the bakery still employs 10 family members, 4 of whom are 3rd generation: Jack Jr, Brook, Lavonne, and Michele.

Over the years, the bakers have never made bread, but they never loaf around either, and they’ve never changed their recipes.

Why tamper with success?...

Dutch Bakery Windmill