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We are happy to offer our pastries and savoury treats in platters or by the dozen. They’re the perfect solution for your office event, birthdays or other special occasions.

Please use the form below to contact us about your catering needs. We’ll work with you to create a tray of your favourite treats. 

Pastries, Cookies, Savoury Items

Danish Pastries + Plain Croissants: $35.10/dozen or $3.25 each

  • Danishes available in cinnamon, almond, or raspberry with lemon icing
Muffins or Cranberry Raisin Buns: $25.92/dozen or $2.40 each
  • four kind of muffins – raisin bran, banana, or blueberry

Filled Croissants: $57.24/dozen or $5.30 each 

  • Filled Croissants available in Chocolate, Almond filled with our house-made almond paste, Spinach and Feta or Ham and Cheddar Cheese

Small Pastries: $43.20 a dozen or $4.00 each

  • Smaller versions of some of our larger pastries
  • Pastries available are Vanilla Slices, Dollar Rolls, Mocha Tarts, Cherry Tarts, Kirsh Tarts, Fruit Custard Tarts, Lemon Custard Tarts, Hazelnut Tarts, or Florentine Tarts

Pastries: $49.68/dozen or $4.60 each

  • Please see our dessert menu for a full listing of available pastries

Petit Fours: $43.20/dozen or $4.00 each

  • Smaller almond paste tarts or 2” x 2” cake pieces
  • Tarts available in Mocha, Chocolate or Vanilla (which is pink)
  • Cakes available in Chocolate cake with Chocolate buttercream, Vanilla cake with custard filling and either Vanilla buttercream, or Mocha buttercream

Butter Cookies: $10.80/dozen

  • Varieties of butter cookies –  Cherry Shortbread, Ginger Cookies, Plain Shortbread, Sugar cookies

Tea Fancy Cookies: $15.12/dozen

  • Our almond based cookies, including Deer Legs, Cream Hazelnut, Nougat Snaps, and filled Meringues. These cookies do not contain flour

Sausage Rolls & Croquettes: $46.44/dozen or $4.30 each
Cocktail size $17.35/dozen, minimum order of one dozen

  • Our Sausage Rolls are made with our savoury puff pastry stuffed with our house made blend of fresh beef sausage.
  • Our Croquettes are made with roasted beef in our house made thick ragout, rolled in breadcrumbs & deep fried. Also available raw for you to deep fry.


Cookies and Pastry Trays

Small Cookie Tray: $58.00

  • 2  dozen Tea Fancy Cookies
  • 2 dozen Butter Cookies
  • 6 Chocolate Flowers

Large Cookie Tray: $110.00

  • 4 dozen Tea Fancy Cookies
  • 4 dozen Butter Cookies
  • 6 Chocolate Flowers

Small Pastry Tray: $60.00

  • 1 dozen mixed small pastries
  • 3 assorted Petit Four Cakes

Large Pastry Tray: $120.00

  • 2 dozen assorted small pastries
  • 1/2 dozen assorted Petit Four Cakes


Coffee and Tea

Coffee or Tea: $30.00 for a 10-cupThermos

   -including paper cups, creamers, sugar and stir sticks and tea bags