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Special Order Cakes

We love cakes of all types but our Mocha Cake is our most popular Dutch cake for birthdays and other special occasions.  It is a vanilla cake with mocha icing and mocha buttercream and vanilla custard fillings. It can be ordered with writing and special decorations.

The Dollar Roll Cake was a special request from a customer who special-ordered it once a year, every year. We decided to add it to our cake menu. It is priced by the inch with a minimum 6 inch cake. If you know a marzipan lover, this is the cake for them! It is a sponge cake, with buttercream and apricot wrapped in marzipan with slivered almonds and buttercream on the ends. 

If the vanilla slice pastry is your favourite, you’ll be happy to know we make it as a cake as well. 

The Sacher Torte is our richest chocolate cake as it has chocolate buttercream and a poured chocolate fondant on the top.